A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

 "Every Day's Different" is an English voiced visual novel that focuses on slice of life with a more realistic depth. It ranges from romance to heavy topics such as eating disorders and self-worth. The people around you will either benefit or suffer due to your actions, so please choose carefully

Welcome to Okoshin Academy, one of the few pre-college academies created with the intention of preparing high school graduates for the hardships ahead of them. 

Unfortunately, your parents' messy divorce has just been finalized. You've Decided to live with your mother, forcing you to relocate halfway through the year. Making new friends while keeping your grades up seems impossible, but with the help of a long-lost friend—and a little luck—you may just be okay. 

With four wonderful ladies to get to know, each with their own flaws, secrets and desires. Your choices within the game will either help or hinder them - will you go the extra mile to help them achieve their dreams?     

Back us today to ensure your accept your enrollment at Okoshin Academy!

Spending all your free time with one of the characters will help you grow a strong connection with them, but may hurt your other friendships in the process. Will you branch out to help as many people as you can? Or will you focus on one and grow close to them?  

Each weekend you will have the opportunity to set up a date or activity with one character of your choice. Keep in mind there's only so many weekends 'till school's over. Think of the dates as a mini-game: if it goes smoothly, you gain affection points. If you say the wrong thing or ask the wrong questions, this could also change the course of your story. 

  • Four heroines to fall in love with, each with a distinct personality and variety of outfits
  • Build relationships naturally and change the story with your choices
  • Cell phone feature to text your favorite characters
  • Fully voiced in English (if funded)
  • HD artwork - 1920x1080 screen resolution


EveryDaysDifferentDemo-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 214 MB
EveryDaysDifferentDemo-1.0-mac.zip 221 MB
EveryDaysDifferentDemo-1.0-pc.zip 238 MB


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Hi hello may I ask if u mind? Do u mind playing my game while I'm finishing it because I am working on my very own Gacha Visual Novel!

Hey thanks for the amazing demo and all but I would like to know how long it is my play through felt kinda short and ended at the phone seen on day 1 but I would also like to know when do you plan on relasing  the full game .

Hey its me again do u mind putting the links for Renpy because I have troube how to downloading it!

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Here I am again on a weekday in a pool of my own Goo-goo for the fifth time this week. Why? Because it's my fifth time finishing the demo.  On the last level when haru takaro decides to show you her ' oral sensational delight' I just explode every time. Every girl is delicious and makes me want to taste her like wedding cake. Some of these girls have better curves than my own wife ( but don't tell her that 🤫) while I call my wife my dear delightful delivery l delicacy (triple D for short), she doesn't have the triple D marvelous breasts of Yoko terato. I love the fact you can control how strong their Hormones are in the settings making it a different exploration of the body every time

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I got a question how did u made your own game and uploaded it in itch.io and what did u use to make a Anime Love Story please respond

Hey Lenora! We used Renpy (VN engine) to make our game. as for uploading it to Itch.io... I just followed this page: https://itch.io/developers

Hope this helps!

all of the girls seem to be very interesting and nice

very good artstyle. not bad plot. 

I'm waiting for more

Thanks! We're currently working on the script, we're hoping to release aug. of next year :)

When this gets released im going for katsuki she seem like my type of girl

I cannot wait for the final product I loved the demo so much

Thank you for the kind words! We're working hard to make sure the full game is even BETTER than the demo <3

I'm not seeing a button anywhere for me to support the project. I want to be able to access the beta but cant find anywhere to click pledge. I am new to this site. I played the available demo and seeing what everyone is saying about makes their experience seem alot more fun than mine hahaha. I would really love to help support the development of this game and be able to play it. What can I do?

Hey Fouadfaraj! The kickstarer was a success, but if you still want to support us and get some rewards you can send us a ko-fi matching the reward you want, heres the link to the kickstarter that has the rewards: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/snowfallstudio/every-days-different

And here's our Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/snowfallstudio

We also have a discord if you want to join :) 


I have happily supported on Ko-Fi...how can I access the game?

Hey, we got it! I have your email in our beta access list. If you want to keep track you should follow us on twitter! If not I will email you a beta key once beta starts (hoping to get it going Jan-Feb.) If this is an issue let me know I will happily refund your payment if you don't want to wait that long, but if not thank you and your money will be going to making the VN even better!
Thank you!

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Absolutely love this, the characters are just so delicious I can't stop myself from just wanting another taste of yuika osaki . The more you talk to them the more you learn what your girls truly crave and desire and get give them what they need if you know what I mean. . You'll sweat from the intense and twisted hot conversations and believe me, Katsuki Shiro will not leave you disappointed once you get her turned on  

One thing; there should be a disclaimer that people with certain medical conditions should consult a doctor before playing. The whole time I was playing I was throbbing prefusaly  and eventually palpating. A small price for the ultimate satisfaction and pleasure

Love the demo man keep it up and it will be a great game

Thank you Amax! Feel free to join out little discord :D https://discord.gg/KhKBW2k

The demo was so good that I just know that the final product will be amazing and I am super excited for the release which I hope is soon?


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the MC hates his father for no reason

(is this a misandrist novel?)
the clock in the bedroom is wrong, both times
the characters have Japanese names but are voiced by English people
Yoko doesn't care that you knocked her over
MC doesn't know it's Yoko until she stands up, so instead of a "Yoko" tag we get "???" when we knock her over.
MC calls her "dear friend" but then says it's been ages.
"I can't believe it's honestly you." - when is the last time you heard someone honestly speak like this?
Yoko's words are delivered "softly-spoken" yet she uses exlamation points.
The school building is one of the oldest in the area, yet it looks futuristic.
What makes MC hilarious to Yuika, considering he only walked into the classroom?
The classroom music sounds like a cabaret, which isn't a good thing
When introducing yourself to the class, the choices seem like jokes. Then MC replies in a normal tone. WTF?
Yuika is more annoying than seductive
"Two newly familiar faces" - yet MC doesn't know one of them, so how is it familiar?
Yuika's leg has an extra joint above the knee
Katsuki mentions the phrase "safe space." Yup, this is a misandrist novel.
Yuika and Katsuki assume MC is judging Haru for being concerned about the way she ate lunch. This is also misandrist
Arakawa-sensei seems to be Japanese, yet has western stubble. Maybe he's half Japanese? It seems to be a design flaw.
The MC is male, yet cannot understand basic words in class. He reacts emotionally by chewing his pen. This is not realistic.
The teacher gets onto MC for shouting, yet doesn't mind a full-blown conversation from him immediately afterward.
"more simpler"


First off, Thanks for playing! Some of these we agree with, others not so much, thanks for the input!

MC has reasons that arn't discussed in the demo, part of the mystery of the game.
Clock Will be fixed 
Our Novel takes place in Japan, voiced In English as we're native English speakers (with that said we will make sure the grammer of names is correct if funded)
Yoko rarely gets mad unless it involves people being mean to others, not herself.
We used ??? to indicate you not knowing their name
MC has moved away and hasn't seen yoko in a couple years. (explained in the back story - they moved to a new school halfway through the school year.)
Schools old however, it has been converted. you learn this later on. It's one of the most expensive schools to go to, back story with MC's Father.
MC is hilarious because he was just standing up while everyone is sitting / following yoko to her desk.. Yuika is teasing him.
That music is used only when yuika is teasing you.
To each their own on Yuika.
They're familiar because they're in his class, he just never met them yet.. only noticed them.
Katsuki has reason for this - wont go into it tho. (spoilers)
I don't think Yuika is judging him... only Katsuki for reasons above^
Arakawa's sprite is being re-worked
Being male makes you automatically smart? - not sure I understand.. Anyway he doesn't understand because he's a Japanese student learning English grammar.

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Thank you for taking my criticism seriously. I think I was a bit too harsh on some things.

Your answers make a lot of sense so thank you for responding. I am still a little bit concerned with some anti-male parts, but I think you have a good reason for including them, so I'll let those slide.

I think I didn't understand or remember that he was confused because he was learning English. Maybe it is more clear than I remember. The main gripe I had was, he reacts very emotionally / neurotically which is very atypical in general, for a male. Not to say that it's impossible for a male to be this way, just that it might be 2% of the male population who would be this neurotic.

I'm looking forward to playing the full game!

I realy enjoyed the demo. I did encounter one bug but it was an engine bug specific to Linux multi monitor setups. If I put the game in fullscreen mode it would always go to my monitor on the right not my left monitor regardless of which was set as primary. This was a bug with the Ren’Py engine not specific to Every Day's Different as it happened various Ren’Py games I tried. It was fixed with the most recent version of Ren’Py (7.2.1). Just letting you know, not sure if it is feasible for you to upgrade the engine version the game is using.


We're gunna try uploading a linux version, maybe give that a go.. Hopefully it helps!

im bota play it

YES! <3 thanks mate!