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 Finally finished the game, i can honestly say that it surprised me a little. The main character was a pretty wholesome detailed guy, they get overshadowed by the love interests sometimes in these game, glad it's not the case here. It was just long enough and had the right amount of nice story telling and romance. Other than that, the CGs sometimes really surprised me, they were honestly really beautiful.

 If I can say that I disliked something in the game, is that i was dissapointed that this game was an undercover romance story between Yoko and the MC. I had in my mind that you would be able to date the other girls too in some way, since i don't really like the long lost childhood friend trope that much i got dissapointed but I enjoyed Yoko out of all the characters so it's fine (btw i am not 100% sure that you can't date anyone else but i tried my best to date Katsuki since the begining but still ended up with yoko, so i am just assuming you can't!)

 I am not gonna rate it or sth but i can say that i enjoyed it quite a bit, even tho it didn't make me cry or give me the chills with some way or another it was still fun. I will be looking out for more of your games!

All 4 of the girls are romanceable :) Thank you for trying it out!

What for real? But I swear I litteraly only romanced katsuki till the end! It must be that I took some romance related options for yoko too since i didn't want to give her the cold shoulder... I feel stupid and excited, i will definitely try again, thanks.

if you check our steam reviews/community someone posted a guide :) She can be a hard one to romance!

Yeah I did that on my third playthrough, since the second one got me to date haru, but the best one was Katsuki by far. If you hadn't told me i would still believe that you can only romance Yoko like a loser.

Does a Linux version get downloaded with the .rar folder ? It would have a ".sh" file name

My mistake! We're still working on the Port for Linux/windows

No worries. Once it's done i'll buy a copy. Best of luck !


I bought this game because I've had blue balls so long they've turned moldy and I had to release a load of gunk so large Moses couldn't split it. I popped this floppy disk into my drive and prepared to stick my floppy disk into some premium pad thai pussy.  The game starts off as I expected. I'm in the cafeteria and they're serving poo-poo platter. There's dog, cat, and bat meat  (This game obviously takes place before COVID-19.) The 3 protein choices resemble that of the 3 Pokemon choices you pick from professor Oaks laboratory. Your meat choice will deeply impact your future exploration of Pyongyang Senior High.

One thing strange about the game is how absolutely filthy Pyongyang HS is. There is literal pieces of shit spread throughout the school grounds. As a matter of fact, one of your first levels is to scoop up all the crap off the front steps for the first day of school. These aren't the droppings of an animal, or a crass cheeky chappy, but that of a grown man. I suspect the principal, Kim iL Sung, may be the culprit. One of the shit morsels still haunts me to this day. It was a 9 inch leopard spotted steamer. So much detail put into a strange feature of the game..

I do wish that POLITICS were kept out of this video game.  The main girl I was slipping my finger into, Muki Yako, came from a very rich family. In the game you are raised from a poor up-brining and Muki's father has sympathy for you as before becoming a billionaire he was a trans prostitute. He occasionally asks you to run errands and pays you enough money to take Muki on a nice date to eat Poo-poo platters. One day Her father asks you to pay a visit to his laboratory and asks if you could drop off a package at the local Parcel delivery service. You follow the directions and end up at an office building titles WPE, WUHAN PACKAGE EXPRESS. You drop off the package and are given the reciept with the tracking code and what not Later on in the game the school goes into lock-down as everyone is becoming sick. Seems familiar? I had my player find the receipt from WPE and my jaw dropped to the floor when I read the label for who it was for.. ANTIFA.. Shortly after you realize you just delivered a vial of CORONA VIRUS TO ANTIFA, you're forced to confront Muki's Father. At first he plays it off and says you're being dramatic before a series of fierce punches and soft kisses forces Muki's father to reveal his cards.. "My name isn't Noyo Yako.. It's DR. FAUCCI.. Both my video game character and my actual self started to cry at what we just unleashed onto the world.. at this point a large pop up came onto my screen. I thought it was the damn Mcaffe anti virus trial but it was from the game itself. In order to complete the final level you're asked to scan and upload a copy of your proof of COVID vaccination. I turned off the game quickly and felt a sense of anger for being fooled.

P.S I reached out to the fellow reviewer below who had no place to stay and offered him refuge during CORONA VIRUS. I CAME HOME AND HE WAS RUBBING HIS BARE ASS ON MY SOFA.. STAY AWAY.


Hey guys, it's been a while huh? I'm just touching base after my review. The developer personally reached out to me and we decided to meet up at MICKs pizza.. we had a couple of Slicearonis freshly drooped over MICKs cock and talked about how to better the game. By the end of the 3rd slice the developer offered me a job opportunity. We started the interview right there.. he asked me, so where do you see yourself in 5 years? I thought long and hard and delivered an answer so daring MICKs ass clenched. In your chair I replied, your position. The developer said he's heard every answer in the book but never that answer. Right there on the spot he stood up and  simultaneously resigned while giving me his position to fill. I was know head of Underage Hentai LLC. We quickly began working on a new chapter of this delicious trilogy.  

.After you unleash covid following the end of the last level the world is very different. We just now finally started to recover and return to normalcy when the character Dr. Faucci is released from prison. He approaches your character and tries to make amends but you're not having it. Those sweet kisses you once left up and down his scrotum no longer make you salivate but repulse in disgust knowing what he had you do. But persistence is key. Eventually one day after being denied to smell Yuki's crap filled underwear you're walking home sad when Dr. Faucci approaches you in his new TESLA.. he teases you the car has autopilot so his hands are free for roaming during transit. That makes me personally laugh and decide to hop in. He deeply apologizes for the covid mishap and wants to make amends. He starts with a soft plump kiss followed by a gift with a bow. Take this  home to your large family gathering tonight and open it at the party it'll be a hit! I get out at my house and we kiss goodbye. Later that night at the party Enid and Bob see the gift in the corner and start to get excited about knowing what faucci got me. There nipples become so erect with excitement I start to unwrap it just to relax them. I can't even get the paper off because of Enids lactation soaking the wrapping paper. I finally get it off and it's a airtight container with black glass I can't see through. I open it slowly and the air starts to smell like donkey Kong's ass. Enid took one whiff and said I'm sure that's a good old liquid shit prank! Right then and there I get up and March out the party embarrassed and fall asleep. The next morning  get a call Enid and others have passed away mysteriously. Later autopsy reveals she died of the MONKEY VIRUS?? DR. FAUCCI STRUCK AGAIN getting me to release a deadly virus. This game is a piece of shit!


Hey guys! it's premium unleaded, I forgot my accounts password so I made a new account. Since my last review of the game I have found a place to live, sort of. But like always, I'm getting ahead of myself. I want to start at the beginning and expose the creators of this game for what they really are.

After I was on the streets someone from the game reached out to me and offered me a place to crash. It was his dads muffler shop and there was a supply closet with a tempurpedic comforter.  I made it work. I was recently given a discount code for the newest expansion pack "Middle School Romance" This brings a new set of chinks to explore and play with. You start off with Nomi Kokuro,  who's family just relocated from Wuhan and she wanted to be the school slut, this dirty little bitch just loved the attention.  From my past experiences of hot characters having male organs I was worried I would yet again be bam-booz-eld, but the expansion included a "NCG" or No Cock Guarantee.

That's until I got to the final level, things changed. Nomi told me she wanted to text, and maybe do something else ;) but instead of using the in game virtual cellphone You're given a real number to apparently text, the game explained this is to make it more realistic and to just go with it. I was shocked to find out it's even Imessage? I texted Nomi's 'Phone Number' and recieved replies, " Hey Reggie, glad you decided to play with me even further" We chit chatted about life. The next thing asked was very stranged

"Hey Reggie, are you circumcised?"

"What ?!?!" I said, "Why would you ask that"?

"It's an important factor in how you level up silly"

"Well, I was going to, but when the Rabbi went down on me I came prematurely"

"You know you don't only have to get it at birth Reg"

Nomi went on to explain to me the benefits of getting circumcised in my early 40's , the mental clarity you'll supposedly feel, etc.. I started to feel like this was going to turn into I need to be circumcised to get any further in the game.  Nomi explained how I could do it myself, and if I did there would be a huge level up and new STATS. I followed her instructions with the dental floss and  bottle opener and performed the procedure right before midnight. The next thing I was asked was to send a picture, I started to text Nomi who is this? how can a video game character really need to see this? I was sent the hottest picture I've ever seen of a chink. Real or not I need to make love to Nomi, whether in real life or cyber.

I sent a picture and against my better judgment sent the foreskin via the postal system. I finally was finding out what my secret new perk was and It was an invitation to facetime.. I don't know what was palpitating more my fat stinky sweaty cock, or my heart from nervousness.  Nomi answered my facetime in the smallest tube top I ever saw. She asked, what do you prefer I cover my tits in, Whipped cream or chocolate sauce. "Whipped Cream" I asnwered, chocolate sauce looks like someone took a shit on your chest. Things got hot and dirty really quick but I started to notice a weird flash in the camera. Much like the viral lawyer on TV that entered a court session with a zoom cat filter I started to realize there was no Nomi, the filter wore off and I was left staring at a man stroking his penis. I screamed in embarrassment "AHHH" he screamed knowing the gig was up "AHHHH" We both came at the same time, like a skunk or octopuses self defense mechanism, right into the camera lenses. Total whiteout. He hung up shortly after. TO EVERYONE READING THIS, there is no Nomi, yakuhama, etc.. This is a MAN playing with our EMOTIONS. Getting us to have cyber sex and falling for these characters for his own personal game. I felt like I was a character of the saw movie series and finally face to face with JIGSAW, the mastermind behind everything.

How could you do this to me? I trusted you, I got cirCUMcised for you.. I was in tears. The developed explained he  read online doing this was the only defense against the COVID DELTA VARIANT & was sorry and offered me several vouchers for arbys and lowes, but he also asked if I could relocate from living in his fathers Muffler shop. So here I am yet again on the verge of homelessness, if you know any places that accept members of the LGBTQTRANS community who are always on the spectrum (Several different spectrum's) and therefore not motivated to work and needs free assistance please contact me ASAP. BE WARNED, THIS GAME ISN'T WHAT YOU THINK AT FIRST.


Is the full game only available via Steam? 

If possible, I would like to buy the game without giving money to Valve (for political reasons; I don't like Valve). Is that possible? 

Thanks! :


Well guys I said I would give feedback when I played, and here I am. 20 pounds lighter during a pandemic? Blame in on the fact I've LET go LOADS of the finest man cheese. Lets start at the beginning. When you first start the game you're walking into a classroom, nervous as you are a senior girl sees you terrified and decides to make your first day of 9th grade yummy. She pulls you into the cheerleaders locker room and demands you rate all the cheerleaders breasts.  They seemed so real I started to lick my screen and pinch them, unforutnaly I have a touch screen Acer laptop and activated ping to zoom which crashed the game, I suggest this bug gets looked into.

The part where your parents get divocrced is really sad. But what follows turns your stomach. Kami suko hands over a condom and says it's time for me to ride your pony express.  She slowly strips top to bottom. By the time she was in her panties I was CONVINCED something was wrong. That's one fat clit I though, it reminded me of a cheesewheel I saw in winsconsin. It wasn't a clit, but a chode cock. I was confused  why developers would take this path. But to be honest I was more confused why I was more turned on than ever before. Let's just say This game is more than a phantasy but a exploration into ones own sexuality.

If you play this game just skip wearing underwear because they'll be soiled faster than you can change them. Keep socks or paper towels on standby because some of these characters, specially the ones who shares PRIVATES from BOTH GENDERS are tempting at all times. There are parts of a level where you are in the locker room and you're staring at a character but can't help but try to distguinush what genetelia they're packing. It's like Christmas morning. Being fully dressed is the present, by the time you unpack the chaharacter and see what sex they were born with you'll have enough warm sticky syrup to feed a village. 


why are all the recent comments here so fucking creepy?

I haven't played the game yet, will give feedback when I have.


hi! I heard that the developer of this game was helping out the unemployed? Well I would like to apply for some funding too. I've never been able to keep a job because I get headaches really easily. It's also hard to work from home because I constantly get hand cramps and feel like working a 9-5 just isn't me. So I'd really appreciate anything you can hand out. I'm working on starting my own clothing line, Hustlers Ambition. 

In the meantime I downloaded this demo, I never played much video games, speically about fucking chinks in wuhan but decided I'd give this a try. I was appalled by how much this game helped me de-stress by releasing ungodly amounts of cream. I started off just playing to kill time untill you guys sent me funding and their was a part when yaku moki gets her dress pulled down as a prank after prom, I was harder than a rhino. Like a few other reviewers the surprises of underssing the next character and finding a fat chunky cock in her panties just felt unesccesary. anyways, I'm really just writing here to get more info on how to get financial assistance like you did with the last reviewer. let me know please,



This game was great, but I can't help but be upset in the midst of this epidemic the Wuhan China brought to us I am now without a home. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I downloaded this to help drain out my you-know-what. Not getting action has left me so unhinged. I found this game and decided I felt like pampering myself with some beautiful Chinese teens. Despite the recent outbreak they've spread across mother earth I still can't help but enjoy a great Chinese body. By the end of the tutorial I knew that I was going to develop an unhealthy relationship with these girls. Yumi Sako  was a tough character, on one hand she felt like my loving relative, on the other she seemed like she needed to have a man teach her how to become a women. Lots of instances like this occur in the game where you don't know if its better to laugh, cry, or let off the icing cannons. Like some others reviews mentioned, the female characters with male genetelie was very uncalled for, and as a tri-pan-post-gender male I felt targeted. But I understand gender is not taught enough yet in schools and don't take it offensive. Anyways, back to my homelessness. 

My roommate Arnold is very lactose intolerant, as a matter of fact, even being near dairy products causes him to lactate profusely. He makes it clear on move in day that if you bring in any of these products you'll be subject to immedeant expulsion. One day after completing the level where naki naruto needs you to teach her how to french kiss my roommate walked into my room. I was currently in the bathroom washing my last pair of briefs from the goo. My roommate was sitting in my bed with handfuls of what I thought was elmers crazy school glue. He said “I told you reggie, you can't bring fucking dairy into my house!” what I said?? I didn't. he said “Reggie, In my right hand is a dollop of sour cream and the left cream cheese. You didn't even hide it it was right here. “ 

some explaining is needed her, the reason Arnolds handfuls had different consistency of my homemade white out was because every load is different, after each one it gets a little thicker, my doctor says that’s from taking MACA supplements.

anyways, I tried to explain to Arnold that is not sour cream and cream cheese but man cheese, he didn’t believe me and called it a cheap cover up. He even took a slight lick and confirmed the way it danced on his tongue it was for sure sour cream or cream cheese. The game was amazing but I would really appreciate help in these hard times. I will leave me contact info elsewhere to reach me about fixing my living sitatuion. I have carpel tunnel and can only work retail jobs that don’t require much talking, working, or concentration. Thanks.


Just like video games and delicious naked Asian characters go hand-in- hand there is also another great mix, social isolation & masturbation. I was cruising the blogs looking for something that wasn't going to give me what I want upfront, but rather work for that sweet release of my cream. Everyday different did NOT disappoint. 


Where do I start? The game starts you off in the 3rd period. You're trying to take notes for science class, but shortly after your eyes catch the big breasts of Haru Takano. The more you look the more she unbuttons her top. I was already dripping Irish cream but before I released my full load of Cinnabun sauce the bell rang and she was out the door. This temptatious drizzle awakened me, I don't know for how long I've been asleep. But boy am I awake now.


This scene occurs throughout the game, sour cream cannons ready to blast and at the last minute Naku soratamus dad walks in, he notices your bulge but lets it slide. You have to play this game continuously in order to excel to the stage of pleasure. I don't want to ruin the ending, but let’s just say if man-made cottage cheese is the cure to the Carona virus I don't have a problem at all. 


Yuika is hard to extract but once she's going shes open like a faucet. on that last level in the empty home rec room when she tells you she’s ready to become a woman it finally happens, I flooded my room with man-milk. I enjoyed playing this game throughout isolation and will deff. download the mobile version to play at work when my students are at lunch. Thanks.


I’ve played this game a bakers dozen Amount of times. It starts off a problem when you can't control yourself and start leaving all your socks crunchy for Mommy to wash, if you catch my drift, bit eventually it gets played out. I wrote to the developer explaining I haven't came in weeks and needed help. Voila! Expansion pack came out, which is what this review will be covering.

The new character added isn't your run of the mill Asian goddess, her name is Enid Pickney, from the historic Hampton house. Enid has a shriveled old voice, definitely had a little too much chutney in her youth, but it's the fact she's so experienced you love the character. My most memorable moment in the game was when she starts to overheat from the sun and you need to give her some apple cider vinegar. This is a turning point in your relationship. She no longer sees you as Bob's son Chris, but a grown man who can satisfy her. That same night you're invited back to her efficiency to help turn on the blue ray player, but little too your surprise the only thing turned on is little old Enid . BoooooOoo000b? She says. No enid it's me you silly girl, greeting her with a passionate kiss. Enid walks you over to the kitchen and pulls out an Oscar Meyer hot dog and explains because of your high score you can insert this any place you deem fit. I loved this surprise and appreciated the whole campaign. This is what dreams are made of.

Little warning, some of the characters before Enid will have beautiful breasts but gruesome hidden cocks, we're talking monsters. But trust me, getting to Pickney is worth the wait.

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This game is a farce. Honestly has so much potential but ruined by key flaws. I spent the majority of the story mode trying to get Yoko Taramoto to get in the nude. Every time I got close to seeing her ovulate I'd have to replace my Levi 511s because they were CS'd. Regardless halfway through the campaign I started to notice strange flaw's. Yoko had a pretty serious 5 o cock shadow. At first I thought this was residue from my lunchables but after cleaning the screen it was still there, regardless I thought it was a glitch. 

By the level where Yoko has too many wine coolers I was ready to see her privates. When she stripped I spit out my oatmilk to what was tucked between her legs, a 7 inch hairy cock. Yoko confessed her real name is Albert and he's been trans since 19 days old. Video games shouldn't enter this topic and leave that to Degrassi. I'm playing games to get off and celebrate a woman's body, not too be fooled into being flashed a man's privates. Needless to say I still was able to blast my goo- Canon all over the place but felt humiliated after.

CS'= cum stained 

Hi hello may I ask if u mind? Do u mind playing my game while I'm finishing it because I am working on my very own Gacha Visual Novel!


Hey thanks for the amazing demo and all but I would like to know how long it is my play through felt kinda short and ended at the phone seen on day 1 but I would also like to know when do you plan on relasing  the full game .

Hey its me again do u mind putting the links for Renpy because I have troube how to downloading it!

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Here I am again on a weekday in a pool of my own Goo-goo for the fifth time this week. Why? Because it's my fifth time finishing the demo.  On the last level when haru takaro decides to show you her ' oral sensational delight' I just explode every time. Every girl is delicious and makes me want to taste her like wedding cake. Some of these girls have better curves than my own wife ( but don't tell her that 🤫) while I call my wife my dear delightful delivery l delicacy (triple D for short), she doesn't have the triple D marvelous breasts of Yoko terato. I love the fact you can control how strong their Hormones are in the settings making it a different exploration of the body every time

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I got a question how did u made your own game and uploaded it in and what did u use to make a Anime Love Story please respond

Hey Lenora! We used Renpy (VN engine) to make our game. as for uploading it to I just followed this page:

Hope this helps!

hi Wintermits I was wondering if you would be interested of playing my visual novel game called Lolita Sim Date pls respond.

all of the girls seem to be very interesting and nice

very good artstyle. not bad plot. 

I'm waiting for more

Thanks! We're currently working on the script, we're hoping to release aug. of next year :)

When this gets released im going for katsuki she seem like my type of girl

I cannot wait for the final product I loved the demo so much

Thank you for the kind words! We're working hard to make sure the full game is even BETTER than the demo <3

I'm not seeing a button anywhere for me to support the project. I want to be able to access the beta but cant find anywhere to click pledge. I am new to this site. I played the available demo and seeing what everyone is saying about makes their experience seem alot more fun than mine hahaha. I would really love to help support the development of this game and be able to play it. What can I do?

Hey Fouadfaraj! The kickstarer was a success, but if you still want to support us and get some rewards you can send us a ko-fi matching the reward you want, heres the link to the kickstarter that has the rewards:

And here's our Ko-Fi:

We also have a discord if you want to join :)

I have happily supported on can I access the game?

Hey, we got it! I have your email in our beta access list. If you want to keep track you should follow us on twitter! If not I will email you a beta key once beta starts (hoping to get it going Jan-Feb.) If this is an issue let me know I will happily refund your payment if you don't want to wait that long, but if not thank you and your money will be going to making the VN even better!
Thank you!

Hello, was just checking on the progress of the game. There is so much happening on the twitter page that my ADD brain cannot keep up haha.

Hello again!

We're about to release Episode 1! I will send you the game key once that happens :) (I remember you supported us through Ko-fi)!

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Absolutely love this, the characters are just so delicious I can't stop myself from just wanting another taste of yuika osaki . The more you talk to them the more you learn what your girls truly crave and desire and get give them what they need if you know what I mean. . You'll sweat from the intense and twisted hot conversations and believe me, Katsuki Shiro will not leave you disappointed once you get her turned on  

One thing; there should be a disclaimer that people with certain medical conditions should consult a doctor before playing. The whole time I was playing I was throbbing prefusaly  and eventually palpating. A small price for the ultimate satisfaction and pleasure

Love the demo man keep it up and it will be a great game

Thank you Amax! Feel free to join out little discord :D

The demo was so good that I just know that the final product will be amazing and I am super excited for the release which I hope is soon?

We don't want pussys like you playing our game. This game is for cool people only.


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the MC hates his father for no reason

(is this a misandrist novel?)
the clock in the bedroom is wrong, both times
the characters have Japanese names but are voiced by English people
Yoko doesn't care that you knocked her over
MC doesn't know it's Yoko until she stands up, so instead of a "Yoko" tag we get "???" when we knock her over.
MC calls her "dear friend" but then says it's been ages.
"I can't believe it's honestly you." - when is the last time you heard someone honestly speak like this?
Yoko's words are delivered "softly-spoken" yet she uses exlamation points.
The school building is one of the oldest in the area, yet it looks futuristic.
What makes MC hilarious to Yuika, considering he only walked into the classroom?
The classroom music sounds like a cabaret, which isn't a good thing
When introducing yourself to the class, the choices seem like jokes. Then MC replies in a normal tone. WTF?
Yuika is more annoying than seductive
"Two newly familiar faces" - yet MC doesn't know one of them, so how is it familiar?
Yuika's leg has an extra joint above the knee
Katsuki mentions the phrase "safe space." Yup, this is a misandrist novel.
Yuika and Katsuki assume MC is judging Haru for being concerned about the way she ate lunch. This is also misandrist
Arakawa-sensei seems to be Japanese, yet has western stubble. Maybe he's half Japanese? It seems to be a design flaw.
The MC is male, yet cannot understand basic words in class. He reacts emotionally by chewing his pen. This is not realistic.
The teacher gets onto MC for shouting, yet doesn't mind a full-blown conversation from him immediately afterward.
"more simpler"


First off, Thanks for playing! Some of these we agree with, others not so much, thanks for the input!

MC has reasons that arn't discussed in the demo, part of the mystery of the game.
Clock Will be fixed 
Our Novel takes place in Japan, voiced In English as we're native English speakers (with that said we will make sure the grammer of names is correct if funded)
Yoko rarely gets mad unless it involves people being mean to others, not herself.
We used ??? to indicate you not knowing their name
MC has moved away and hasn't seen yoko in a couple years. (explained in the back story - they moved to a new school halfway through the school year.)
Schools old however, it has been converted. you learn this later on. It's one of the most expensive schools to go to, back story with MC's Father.
MC is hilarious because he was just standing up while everyone is sitting / following yoko to her desk.. Yuika is teasing him.
That music is used only when yuika is teasing you.
To each their own on Yuika.
They're familiar because they're in his class, he just never met them yet.. only noticed them.
Katsuki has reason for this - wont go into it tho. (spoilers)
I don't think Yuika is judging him... only Katsuki for reasons above^
Arakawa's sprite is being re-worked
Being male makes you automatically smart? - not sure I understand.. Anyway he doesn't understand because he's a Japanese student learning English grammar.

(2 edits)

Thank you for taking my criticism seriously. I think I was a bit too harsh on some things.

Your answers make a lot of sense so thank you for responding. I am still a little bit concerned with some anti-male parts, but I think you have a good reason for including them, so I'll let those slide.

I think I didn't understand or remember that he was confused because he was learning English. Maybe it is more clear than I remember. The main gripe I had was, he reacts very emotionally / neurotically which is very atypical in general, for a male. Not to say that it's impossible for a male to be this way, just that it might be 2% of the male population who would be this neurotic.

I'm looking forward to playing the full game!

I realy enjoyed the demo. I did encounter one bug but it was an engine bug specific to Linux multi monitor setups. If I put the game in fullscreen mode it would always go to my monitor on the right not my left monitor regardless of which was set as primary. This was a bug with the Ren’Py engine not specific to Every Day's Different as it happened various Ren’Py games I tried. It was fixed with the most recent version of Ren’Py (7.2.1). Just letting you know, not sure if it is feasible for you to upgrade the engine version the game is using.


We're gunna try uploading a linux version, maybe give that a go.. Hopefully it helps!

im bota play it

YES! <3 thanks mate!